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Corporate SMS Service:

Bulk SMS Marketing Service has emerged as an important key factor in the success of businesses and people are in search of methods to communicate with their business partners/customers and to get access to more people. Spreading your message to more people, the more chance you have to get more clients and customers and hence more margins. SMS Communication is also affordable marketing plan to get attention of public or targeted audience. SMS Caommunication provides an opportunity to deliver a message even in those areas where cannot access email facility which indicates how business communications are being carried out rapidly and efficiently. SMS service is being used for marketing communication strategy which aware hundreds and thousands of customers within seconds.

SMS Communication is a best way to initiate, launch, and announce business notifications or any other Business related information. Preparing for your upcoming Business Event is a good way to approach large number of audience due to the fact that Mobile Devices are most in use and people read Mobile Message within 2-3 minutes after receiving in inbox. Further SMS service is a best way to access more people and to target more targeted or general audience. So if you are seeking an efficient and fruitful Mobile Marketing, is a good to go with.

branded sms

Branded SMS

Branded SMS is a type of SMS recognized by company name which ensures legitimacy and credibility of the message and send your Branded SMS in Pakistan on time.. People tend to attach trust factor with SMS received by Company name.

  • Deliver on all networks.
  • Delivered with masking.
  • API Integration.
  • Instant delivery with high volume.
  • User friendly Campaign Management.

Campaign Management offers a comprehensive campaign management to its users through which they can easily send SMS to their target audience and manage their campaigns on their own. With the help of Campaign Management, you can send SMS to customized group of customers/employees/clients/vendors as required from time to time.
Following are the major features of Campaign Management:

  • Message Log.
  • Contacts Management.
  • SMS Quota Status.
  • Group Management.
  • Search Management
  • User Management.

SMS API Integration offers API integration facility to its users which allows them to integrate Business SMS with any other Server or Database in order to send SMS automatically.

How to Send Branded SMS?

We'll provide you best solution for your need, you'll be able to send branded sms by yourself or we can do that on your behalf.